Woodland Management 

We can provide all levels of service; from occasional support, to periodic guidance and intervention to regular, ongoing management work. This can cover all manner of tasks- everything from supplementary planting to ride and track maintenance, management for a niche biodiversity objective, low impact or large-scale timber harvesting, dealing with diseased trees and even fence maintenance or grey squirrel surveys. 
Part of this work can include creating or working to Woodland Management Plans, grant scheme agreements or woodland restoration work following damage, disease or a change of management objective. If you are interested in discussing your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Timber Harvesting 

We take pride in working with the best contractors in the business to offer an economical, tidy and professional approach to all aspects of timber harvesting, as well as ensuring a maximum financial return for the landowner. 
We benefit from a close working relationship with our parent company, Weeks Forestry, which allows us to maintain links with the UK timber market as well as allowing access to their harvesting and marketing expertise. As well as working with Weeks Forestry, we are able to market timber to all manner of merchants and contractors depending on what is best suited to the job at hand. 
We are committed to helping our clients unlock the greatest economic potential from their woodlands. 

Grants and Regulations 

Experienced in all types of woodland grants, we can assist in applying for and carrying out grant-funded works. 
We also have an in-depth knowledge of forestry regulations, can apply for felling licences and help manage sites with ecological and archaeological sensitivities such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Scheduled Ancient Monuments. 

Woodland Creation 

We can help with all aspects of woodland design and creation, including applications for grant funding, site preparation and species selection as well as planting and maintenance work. 
We are proud to be part of the drive to create more high-quality, multipurpose woodland across the South West. 

Mapping & Aerial Survey 

In addition, drone surveys allow us access to undertake visual surveys of tree canopy to assess tree health and species composition. 
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